GSL - Code S

GSL - Code S

Korean SC2 Competition

Event Starts on Jun 11, 2012 at 6:10PM

DateTime (KST)Description
Jun 12, 20126:10PMGroup B
Jun 13, 20126:10PMGroup C
Jun 14, 20126:10PMGroup D
Jun 18, 20126:10PMGroup E
Jun 19, 20126:10PMGroup F
Jun 20, 20126:10PMGroup G
Jun 21, 20126:10PMGroup H
Jun 22, 20121:10PMRO16 Nomination
Jun 27, 20126:10PMGroup A Ro16
Jun 28, 20126:10PMGroup B Ro16
Jul 04, 20126:10PMGroup C Ro16
Jul 05, 20126:10PMGroup D Ro16
Jul 11, 20126:10PMRo8 matches
Jul 12, 20126:10PMRo8 Matches
Jul 19, 20126:10PMRo4 Matches
Jul 28, 20125:10PMCode S Finals


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